About Us

The Homemade Bread Company is run personally by me, and I am, first of all, a “Mum.” Before I started this business, I spent 6, challenging but also very professionally rewarding years in recruitment. Then, I had a baby, became a full-time mum, and I loved my new role. Being a mum was always one of my dreams, so when it came true, I was over the moon.

When it came to food, I always made an effort to cook healthy food made from fresh ingredients, and to have homemade bread was always very important to me. I love the smell of freshly baked bread in the house, the feeling of creating and sharing something special, made with so much love for and with your family. Knowing that it’s healthy, without any chemicals, just felt right. Over the years, I have visited many farmers’ markets and bought many artisan breads. However, I have never come across bread that is similar to mine. That’s how this idea of baking and selling my special bread came to me one day while sitting on a sofa with my baby next to me.

The Homemade Bread Company is here now, and my bread is proving to be very popular, and I now want to build on it. I will continue to work very hard to make sure that every single loaf of bread that comes out of my kitchen is made of the highest quality ingredients, in precisely the same way, as the loaf I prepare for my family.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Renata Balch